To share and expand the chai experience for any level of tea drinker.


To design (or create or produce or generate) a wide variety of well balanced, spunky, delicious, sophisticated or elegant teas that stimulate our satiation point.

Origin of Name

Roze And Chai (pronounced Rose and Chai) is derived from the first 3 letters of each sister’s name: Roze for Rozalyn and And for Andrea.

Our Journey

Roze And Chai is the brainchild of sisters Rozalyn (Roze) and Andrea (And) Wood - a scientist and an artist - whose love of chai and frustration with finding unique blends, drove them to creating their own.

"During inception of our Chai, we quickly realized that traditional masala chai did not have the full-bodied spice we desired propelling us towards a high ratio of cardamom and cassia cinnamon with an intermediate ratio of ginger and a low ratio of clove. We also wished to diverge from traditional masala chai by adding a variety of dry heat peppers such as grains of paradise, long pepper, cubeb, or papaya seeds or a variety of fire heat like Aleppo or Sichuan pepper. This complexity, however, was not enough for our palates until we began to explore the idea that any spice, herb, edible flower, or fruit could develop our chais to perfection. And thus, Roze And Chai was born from our innate curiosity, unending passion, and practical determination."

Get To Know the Sisters

Andrea and Rozalyn  – the eldest and youngest siblings of 6 – grew up between England and the western United States. When they were young, the sister’s 13-year age difference meant Rozalyn idolized Andrea more than they were friends. However, as adults, these two sisters bonded and began sharing experiences and memories together. Since then, Andrea became a much-loved mother to four boys and Rozalyn has taken up the role of pseudo-responsible aunt.

The Artist
aka. Graphic designer, website builder, master chai maker, and business organizer

Andrea moved to New York City to pursue illustration at Pratt Institute. After graduation, the reality of the job market nudged Andrea to put her transferable skills of art and computer to work as a project manager for a New York City hospital system. She is also the smarts behind four businesses including Roze And Chai. Amongst all her commitments, she makes time to enjoy museums, to attend park outings with her sons, to cook family meals and to enjoy tea – of course.


The Scientist
aka. Lab notebook keeper, ratio builder, blend builder, and description writer

After high school, Rozalyn began an adventure in customized digital print and Alzheimer's care for her grandmother. Realizing these endeavors were not her passions, she took the leap to go back to university for neuroscience. Now a recent graduate from University of Pennsylvania, Rozalyn is beginning a new journey in academic research and applying for Neuroscience PhD programs. For fun, Rozalyn loves to bake and cook, watch anime, play with her nieces and nephews, and consume all types of tea.